• Design

    With a combination of graphic, industrial, and media designers we can create engaging and memorable recruitment, fan, and recognition environments for your audience. Our team will collaborate with the architectural envelope of both existing and new facilities for your sports programs. Our success is based on implementing our initial vision and solutions into final built presentations that exceed the expectations of the client.

  • Recruitment Experience

    HKD Sports understands that the main focus of our work is to assist in the recruitment of the best athletes to your School. We provide over 20 years of experience working with Administrators and Coaches to create the most successful and emotional experience for your facilities that are unique and tantalizing to perspective athletes.

  • Interactive Media Design

    Interactive and participatory experiences are essential in connecting with today's guests.  Our media designers will create activities that can promote your sports programs in real time, recognize accomplishments, and integrate social media platforms. Our designers utilize gesture and holographic technology, virtual and augmented reality, and participatory activities to provide a memorable and unique presentation that emotionally connects with your guests.

  • Facility Branding

    Our team will establish the design criteria for exterior and interior sign systems and environmental graphics that will meet both building codes and the client’s expectations.  We work with facilities managers, architects, and planners in developing a seamless and branded environment integrating electronic, orientation and directional signage.

  • Production

    During fabrication and production, HKD Sports will manage and coordinate the details of bringing the design vision to life. We will integrate our exhibit cases, recognition programs, graphics, and media production work into your facilities, insuring ultimate success for your fans, athletes, and donors.

  • Installation

    Our highly skilled installation crew will complete your project, whether it is exhibits, environmental graphics or media interactives. We will coordinate and manage the installation while working within your building requirements, without placing a burden on your staff.


Our Work

Our Team

  • Account Executive

    Mitchell Hawkins

    Mitch is the Account Executive at HKD Sports. When he isn’t obsessing over his four Fantasy Football lineups, he is scouting for potential customers and maintaining relationships with current clients. He is in charge of HKD Sports business development, project management, and everything in between. To unwind he enjoys golfing and brainwashing his newborn son into being an Indianapolis Colts and Maryland Terrapins fan.

  • Co-Founder and Design Principal

    Terence Healy

    Terry is HKD Sports’ Design Principal and works directly with all of our clients to understand the needs and goals for each project. Terry has over 25 years of experience in the exhibit design field covering a wide range of disciplines including; planning, design, and management. In his not-so-much spare time this Cincinnati native, retired marathon runner still likes to get up and go on his 1994 3-speed Schwinn on a breezy Sunday morning.

  • President and Business Principal

    Susan Kohler Healy

    Susie is the business principal and CFO of HKD Sports. She is responsible for the firm’s finances, budgeting, and strategic planning. This lifelong Washington Redskins fan also oversees day-to-day office management, information technology, and human resources (You Like That!?). In her spare time, you can find her picking fruits and vegetables from her garden to purée for her first grandson.

  • Senior Designer

    Ryan Brogan

    You may know Ryan from his band “East Ghost” where he is the lead singer and guitarist, but we know him as a highly skilled graphic designer. Ryan is responsible for the design of graphic systems and environmental graphics for HKD Sports projects. In life before HKD Sports he grew up in Birmingham, Alabama (Roll Tide!) and was a Graphic Designer for a Sports marketing and branding firm.

  • Senior Designer

    Alex Solecki

    By age 12, Alex was 5 foot 9 inches and dominating his peers on the basketball court, dreaming of making it to the big leagues. Fast forward and Alex is still 5 foot 9 inches and let’s just say he wasn’t able to take his talents to South Beach. Instead, HKD Sports drafted the Virginia Tech grad 1st overall for his expertise in exhibit design. Now, he creates 3D renderings to help clients visualize the physical space of their exhibits.

  • Graphic Designer

    Diamone Scott

    Diamone creates and develops graphic design that intrigues, educates, and “wow’s” visitors. She is a master at taking your concept and bringing it to life through images and interactives. As an Auburn University grad (War Eagle!), this Marine Brat enjoys playing water polo and crushing WODs at the local CrossFit gym.

  • Graphic Designer

    Michael Melendez

    Michael’s love for graphic design is as thick as his bifocals, making him HKD Sports go-to guy for marketing materials and facility branding techniques. He specializes in creating digital artwork for production of exhibit graphics and environmental graphics installations. When this self-proclaimed nerd isn’t straining his eyes at the office he’s straining his eyes in front of his television playing Halo or watching the Washington Nationals.


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